• Mental Health Counselling

    • Depression and anxiety

    • Self-esteem, self-awareness & self-discovery

    • Spirituality

    • Stress, overwhelm, & emotion regulation

    • Trauma processing & integration - Brainspotting

    • Mindfulness & self-compassion

    • Attachment & relationships

    • Communication challenges

    • Exploring neurology (i.e., Autism, ADHD, etc.)

  • Parent and Youth Counselling

    • Temperament (i.e., highly sensitive children)

    • Emotions, meltdowns, & challenging behaviour

    • Discipline & limit setting

    • Addressing intergenerational trauma & triggers

    • Sensory processing differences 

    • Isolation, guilt, & shame

    • Autism, ADHD, ODD, PDA, mental health, etc.

    • Creative and expressive interventions

I offer both virtual and mobile support to make my services accessible and comfortable.

You choose - your home, a quiet coffee shop, a walk around the lake, sitting on a park bench, on your computer, or on the phone. I believe in the healing power of movement, nature, relationship, and practical support. I know that the obstacles of leaving home or finding childcare can feel like too much sometimes. I want to do what I can to reduce barriers to accessing support and extending your village, as well as providing opportunities to be active and care for yourself.

Enjoying the Woods
Parents with Newborn Baby