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Cultivating Wholeness Daily Workbook

This workbook guides readers through a 40-day journey of self-discovery and healing, aiming to cultivate wholeness and reconnect to their essence. Each day presents a step-by-step process: Uncover, Discover, Recover, and Arise.

In the "Uncover" phase, readers explore past or present situations that have left a lasting impact. They delve into the beliefs they've internalized and examine the resulting impact on their lives. Next, in the "Discover" phase, readers challenge their subjective experiences, reframing situations to see them as opportunities for growth. They cultivate gratitude and shift perspectives. Then, in the "Recover" phase, readers focus on self-care and compassion, creating plans to nurture and love themselves. They find inspiration in quotes or mantras and visually represent their journey for integration. Finally, in the "Arise" phase, readers step into a knowing that they are divinely supported and deeply loved despite their circumstances. With daily prompts, readers engage in a creative process, allowing thoughts and emotions to flow freely.

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