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THE Holding Space

Virtual & Mobile Counselling & Family Care

Grow in self-awareness and compassionheal from trauma, and cultivate joy in your life.


Attachment & Trauma-informed. 
LGBTQ2+ & Neurodiversity Affirmative.

Mental Health Counselling

  • Trauma processing & integration - Brainspotting
  • Depression and anxiety

  • Self-esteem, self-awareness & self-discovery

  • Stress, overwhelm, & emotion regulation

  • Mindfulness and self-compassion

  • Attachment & relationships

  • Communication challenges

  • Exploring neurology (i.e., autism, ADHD, PDA, etc.)

  • Spirituality

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Family-Centred Support

  • Temperament (i.e., empaths, highly sensitive children)

  • Emotion regulation, meltdowns, & challenging behaviour

  • Discipline & limit setting

  • Addressing intergenerational trauma & triggers

  • Sensory processing differences 

  • Isolation, guilt, shame, and grief

  • Trauma, autism, ADHD, ODD, PDA, mental health, etc.​​

  • Creative and expressive interventions

Family in the Park

Virtual services are available throughout British Columbia and Ontario. 

In-person services are offered in Abbotsford & surrounding areas, with an hourly rate calculated in 15-minute increments for travel to all locations. In-person services are community-based or conducted in the client's home. This is to minimize barriers (i.e., finding and arranging childcare, mobility issues or travel to and from a session, and other difficulties such as sensory challenges, discomfort with unfamiliar settings, etc.) that may otherwise prevent you from accessing services.

This option is limited currently due to COVID-19 restrictions, so please talk to Camille if this is something you would like to arrange.




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