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Camille's Books & Resources

Is My Child Autistic? A Neurodiversity-Affirmative Guide For Parents Questioning a Child's Development 

(Free PDF version download here)

Cultivating Wholeness Daily Workbook

Did God Make Me Bad? A Story of Hope for Kids Who Lash Out When Overwhelmed

The Gift (Poem by Camille Long) 

(Audio version)

The Worthwhile Endeavour of Becoming a More Mindful Parent

Infographic: Practical & Supportive Interventions for Neurodiversity-Affirming Care in School Settings

Exploring Neurodiversity Workshop Brochure

Exploring Neurodiversity Workshop Handouts

Exploring Neurodiversity (2018) Youtube Video

Identity (Poem by Camille Long)

Bad Mama (Kids These Days) (Poem by Camille Long)

Canadian Resources


Adult ADHD Centre

Allies Take Action for Autistic Acceptance


Anxiety Canada 

Canadian Mental Health Association

Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada

Crisis Services Canada

Frida - ADHD 

Kids Help Phone

List of Neurodiversity-Affirming Counsellors (most are BC-based)

Shelter Safe

Services in British Columbia

Autism BC

Autism Information Services BC

BC Crisis Centre

BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services

Canucks Autism Network

Children & Youth with Special Needs

Community Brain Injury Program for Children & Youth in BC

Community Living BC

Foundry BC

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

Learning Disabilities Association of BC

Mental Health Centres (Fraser Health)

Pacific Autism Family Network

West Coast Adult ADHD

Youth in BC (Crisis Lines)

Disability Alliance BC - help sheets

Other Resources

A Parent's Introductory Guide to Neurodiversity-Aligned Therapy and Educational Practices for Autistic Children


The Autistic & ADHD Nervous System

Interoception - Kelly Mahler: Printable Resources

Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

How to ADHD

Janet Lansbury: Elevating Childcare

Lives in the Balance

Neurocosmopolitanism: Nick Walker's Notes on Neurodiversity, Autism, and Cognitive Liberty

New York Center for Nonviolent Communication

Links for Women Who Think They May Be Autistic

The PDA Resource List

What is PDA: A Guide to the Pathological Demand Avoidance Profile of Autism

Self-Compassion (Practices & Resources)

Stress Management & Mindfulness (Practices & Resources)

About Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Free Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course

Video & Audio

TILT Parenting Podcast

Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast: Why OT Must Be Different Than ABA

The Autistic Me Podcast

Uniquely Human Podcast

Parenting Your Challenging Child: Podcast & Listening Library

How to ADHD Youtube Channel

10 Percent Happier Podcast

Lives in the Balance - True Crisis Prevention

Being Well Podcast

Autistic Motherhood

What is Brainspotting?

Center for ADHD Awareness Canada: ADHD Webinars

Helpful Technology Tips/Apps/Services for Neurodivergents compiled by Bobbi-jo Molokken 

Tapping Exercise to Calm Anxiety

Free Online Introductory ND-Affirming Play Therapy Courses


Trauma & The Nervous System - A Polyvagal Perspective


Making Sense of Trauma: Practical Tools for Responding to Children & Youth (online program)

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